The Mactini – (from the Peter Serafinowicz Show – Christmas Special – BBC 2)

Here goes a short clip that made me laugh enough, especially the illustrated instructions on the use of comma eh eh! And it also made me want to look this Peter Serafinowicz up and I found out, for the major part of his comedy, he’s quite brilliant! Currently I am watching his Peter Serafinowicz Show – which I recommend – and I am totally loving some of the sketches.

Single: Pol Rax – For You (2011)


Pol Rax is a very talented Polish producer that I highly recommend checking out. I fell in love immediately with his single “For You”, which I am posting below as a free download. Although I would dance a very sexy dance under this tune, I also find it very emotional. Pol Rax calls his style ‘new wave’ and is inspired by vintage and modern disco scene.

Download: Pol Rax – For You

If you dig this track, then you can check his soundcloud page where you can find various tracks and mixes offered as free downloads by Pol Rax and ‘his musical soulmate’ Dr Atkins, under the name Drrax.

Single: Hard Mix – Now Her (2011)


Speaking of amazing songs (hehe..) there’s this sweet thing by 19 years old  Noah Smith under the name Hard Mix. It is called “Now Her” and it’s a piece of dreamy chillwave that totally fits summer (beware: and not only). It is included in the giveaway EP Defaults released by Hard Mix earlier this year (I think). You can get your free copy just by becoming their fan on Facebook.

Download: Hard Mix – Now Her

Single: Coco Electrik – Apple Pie (2006)


This song first appeared in a vinyl that was released in 2006, together with a remix of Skylab. The next year Coco Electrik included it in their full length album “Army Behind The Sun”. It’s an amazing piece of sweetness… All yours 🙂

Download: Coco Electrik – Apple Pie

Single: Dirty Gold – California Sunrise (2010)


It is never too late to post an amazing song. I have heard “California Sunrise” months before and it was like one of those love-at-first-sight kind of feelings you get sometimes when you hear something you really like. I see no reason why anyone wouldn’t like it. If you don’t, then you suck! Period.

This song is also included in the Roar EP released earlier in this year. You can find info/buy the EP by going here.

Download: Dirty Gold – California Sunrise

Marian – Only Our Hearts To Lose (2011)


Marian is the duo project of Marek Hemmann (producer) and Fabian Reichelt (vocalist). It is not the first time these two fine artists collaborate, but only now they have decided to “pop” up their electronic sound under a new name and of course a new album. “Only Our Hearts To Lose” was released this June on Freude Am Tanzen. I must say I consider this quality stuff!

Below you can stream/download two tracks that I personally like. The first one (For You) is the first track of the new album and the second one (Pictures) is an earlier collaboration of the two, that is also included in the album. Enjoy!

Download: Marian – For You (Original Mix)

Download: Marian – Pictures (Original Mix)

Shindu – Happy House EP (2011)


“Happy House”, the debut EP from Shindu will be out next Monday on Kitsuné. Happy House was originally released by the Siouxsie and the Banshees in the 1980’s and then reworked by the Juan Mclean in 2008. Now Shindu are releasing their version of this unique song, together with a few remixes (preview on Juno). Kitsuné is offering a free track from the EP on in exchange of your email address. I’m posting the free track here, since it is the one I like most on this release. Hope you also enjoy it!

Single: Pink Industry – What I Wouldn’t Give (1985)


I have to post this, it’s like a big favourite! A friend introduced me to this song a year ago or something and I fell in love at once. Pink Industry is the project of Jayne Casey, Ambrose Reynolds and Tadzio Jodlowski – 1980’s band based in Liverpool, England. I could hear this over and over and never get bored …and I got to say it cuts like a knife.

Download: Pink Industry – What I Wouldn’t Give

Soft Metals – Soft Metals (2011)


Soft Metals is the electronic romance of Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall of Portland, Oregon played on vintage synthesizers and drum machines. Brought together in April of 2009 through a common love of late 70s to early 80s analog synthesizer music, they decided to meet up and write some songs. Inspiration came to them by way of experimental noise and avant garde, early industrial music, minimal synth, 1980s Chicago house, synth pop, and italo disco.

I came across their first full-length album a few days ago and really enjoyed a few songs, especially the two I’m posting below.

Download: Soft Metals – Voices

Download: Soft Metals – Do You Remember